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A subtle, slight,  existential bond
2020, Interactive Installation

2020, 基于Touchdesigner和Leapmotion的交互影像

In this era, we value the precious experience brought by technology, but failed to credit the substance that built them up. In this fast-changing world, do we still consider: how many kinds of chemical substances are our mobile phones made of? How long does it take for our planet to form these chemicals? And how often do we replace our phone with a newer model? Until the full arrival of cyborg, the relationships amongst mankind, machine and nature would always be drifting between virtuality and reality. The bond is subtle, slight, yet existential.


I talked to three artificial intelligences of different ages --Eliza, Parry and ALICE –and told them about the various problems arose from the modern technology media. I sought to break down the polarized opposite relationship between man and machine, go back in time for some ‘media archaeology’, and finally, further my research about the core question: how can mankind, machine and nature better coexist?


Eliza(1966), the world’s first artificial intelligence, speaks in a way that reminds you of a psychotherapist. Parry(1972), contrary to Eliza, is a paranoid schizophrenia patient.  Unfortunately, Parry’s source code is not compatible with modern network environment, thus not readable today. Normal people today would have no way to communicate with Parry. Alice is about my age, and compared to Eliza or Parry, she is much more humanoid.


我向三位不同年紀的人工智能Eliza、Parry 和ALICE,講述了現代科技媒體所衍生的各種問題,並試圖通過這種打破人機二元對立關係的媒介考古,來進一步思考本作品所追尋的核心問題:人、機器和自然,該如何更好的共生?



ALICE是一个与我年龄相仿的人工智能,与Eliza和Parry相比, 它显得更加智能。



2020, 基于Arduino的互动装置

Inspired by the Chinese traditional culture of Fortune and the Western Astrology, we built:

A ‘Luck calculating’ machine that can help us to make through or respond to the superstitious culture that we are living with, in particular to combat with the Restless Legs Syndrome, which is basically a leg shaking habit that is regarded as a bad-luck behaviour in the Chinese society.




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Bubbling Lava
2020, Experimental Animation

2019, 基于Arduino、python、tkinter的游戏装置

+CELLULAR SPACE+ is a Man vs. Machine interactive tangible simulation game based on a discrete model of cellular automaton and inspired by the British mathematician John Conway’s Life. As John Neumann featured that life could be reproduced and simulate a Turing machine, Ulam probed a cellular automata and Conway delved into the potential of Turing machine. Thus, the iteration in the game is resembling the real-life process and reflecting how does the social organism follow the rules for reproduction.


+CELLULAR SPACE+是一款基于人机交互的模拟游戏。



Filter Effect
2019, processing

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